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HoodedCobra 2 years ago
WTF is up with that dude's sack? He's got a fucking purple stripe down it lol
2 years ago
She done lost her breath riding, talk about outta shape
2 years ago
narrator: shut the eff up. you ruin it. it's hot video, then you speak.
2 years ago
Husband, shut the fuck up, dude. You’re ruining her good time. It’s obvious she’s enjoying herself and you’re a distraction. Leave her alone.
1 year ago
I used to watch my girlfriend fuck or suck another guy, I'd jack off cum real quick then I would get mad and want to leave. My girlfriend bought me a cock cage and wears the key around her neck while she has sex. This keeps me from playing with myself and saves me for when we get home and if I'm real good she lets me have sex with her. Mostly she just gives me a quick hand job and makes me lick her hand clean.
STFU 1 year ago
I hate when a guy keeps talking to his woman while I am trying to fuck her. It is a turn off.
Tiny-Limp-Chuck-Fag 1 year ago
I watched my best man fuck my wife on our weeding night. Then she watch me suck the cum off his cock
Mr cuckold 1 year ago
Omg that is so fucking hot nothing beats seeing your wife get fucked by some one else I love watching my slut wife take my friends dick in the mouth ass and pussy so hot !!!
1 year ago
This chick is absolutely gorgeous and she’s paired up with a total retard! Would love to rescue her from that situation so my wife and I could take turns fucking her each night
Arthur Arthur 11 months ago
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