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3 years ago
My sister and I fell in love in our teen years. We tried to fight it but our love for each other was to strong. We started making love, and realized that it wasn't the hormones. We we actually in love. We kept it a secret for years. Moved away and got married. We eventually told our parents, They were very unhappy about it. You can't help who you fall for. We're still very much in love after all these years.
Pussydestroyer 3 years ago
Omg look at her teeth
4 years ago
So hot.wish i had a brother like him
Kristen 3 years ago
Fantasised about my older brother since I was 14. 19 now, him 21.Really want him to fuck me like this but I want him to cum in me.
Rohit 4 years ago
I love that type sister
4 years ago
Hey guys I have the same story and in reality me and my cousin sister are really having crush on each other since we are 3yrs old and since last year every week we meet and have fun but I think better than these both
Conrad 4 years ago
I wish he went down on that pussy
Zardab 2 years ago
I also want to fuck my sister and I know she is Also interested to me once she take shower with me when I was child and she teenager but not she is married but still her body killing once I told her about that shower than she told me oh u still remember that it means u were not child that time and she said that in smile but than I feel shy and can't approach plz tell me anyone guide me what I can't do ?? Plz I m dying for her evrryday
Power star 3 years ago
I would like fuk my sis hardily
3 years ago
Loved that she never looked at the camara.she just enjoye being fucked