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She 5 years ago
Beautiful, but fucking irritating to listen to. That fake exaggerated shit is horrible.
Their chemistry though 6 years ago
Fuck all the wealth in the world. I want this. I want to wake up next to someone like that everyday and make her mine every chance I can get.
Wtf 6 years ago
Can we not have the final shot of the video be of this dude's fuckin asshole?
Ahh 6 years ago
This was hot and all, BUT she's so annoying! Had to watch this on mute!
name 6 years ago
name from male actor?
yeah you read right i like the way how this dudes fucks the bitches
Fuck she's annoying 5 years ago
Her moaning was 10/10 annoying as hell, watched the whole thing on mute
Erm.. 6 years ago
At the end she sounds like a kettle 10/10
Damn 6 years ago
These people look like they can fuck for days lmao
Wow 4 years ago
I thought this was going to be a nice romantic easy going slow fuck type of video vibe but he fucked her guts out lmfao
Watch it on mute 5 years ago
Seriously though but the video was really nice